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Empowering Future

Business Owners

"Empower your journey towards entrepreneurship with free coaching in creating your Life Book, cultivating habits of success, and mastering personal branding.

Join a supportive community of like-minded students from Grades 5 to 12. Unleash your potential and shape your future as a successful business leader!"

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Life Book

Habits of Success

Personal Brand

Who is this Course For ?

Students - Grade  5 to 12 

If you have a Passion for Business

Eager to Develop Successful Habits

Wants to Develop Personal Brand

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"At Brilliant Tuitions LLC, our goal is to foster a community of aspiring young minds from Grade 5 to 12, empowering them to become future business owners.


 Brilliant Students


Experienced Teacher

What Do We Teach?

Life Book

 Envision, Plan & Achieve 

your best life in all

11 categories of your life


Set goals,  Develop Relationships, Continuous learner, Take Action,  

Be consistent & Achieve Goals

Personal Brand

You can establish Trust & Credibility with your audience and become a leader in your feild

If you aspire to shape your own path, dream of running your own business, and desire to learn the essential skills for success, this course is tailor-made for you."

  • Is Brilliant Tutions registered business in U.A.E?
    Yes. We are registered as Brilliant Tutions LLC at Sharjah Media City, Sharjah, U.A.E.
  • Do you refund the fees if student is not satisficed with classes?
    Yes - We have No questions asked refund policy, if you want to stop classes with in 5 sessions.
  • How many students will be there per teacher / class ?
    There shall be only 3 students per class. All 3 students will be from same grade, but may be from various schools.
  • How many classes shall there per month ?
    CBSE Curriculum - Maths & Science : Grade 5 to 9 - 90 minutes per class, 5 days a week. CBSE Curriculum - Hindi or English : Grade 5 to 9 - 45minutes per class, 2 days a week. CBSE Curriculum - Maths or Science : Grade 10 - 60minutes per class, 5 days a week. ​ British Curriculum - Maths & Science : Grade 5 to 8 - 90 minutes per month, 5 days a week. British Curriculum - Maths : Grade 9 & 10 - 60minutes per class, 5 days a week. Physics & Chemistry : Grade 9 & 10 - 45minutes per class, Each 3 days a week. ​ For any other packages and grades not mentioned above please confirm the same with sales team.
  • What is payment schedule and how it is calculated?
    Fees shall be paid prior to starting of every month. Fees is to be paid on the monthly basis (NOT on the basis of no. of classes or days attended) Those joining the classes from the middle of the month, the fees will be calculated from the date of joining.
  • What is payment schedule for students who took admission in middle of month?
    We shall send you link as per no : of days balance in respective month. This is applicable for first month only. From the starting of next month, fees shall be paid prior to start of the every month via link shared to you on your email.
  • Do you make up the class if teacher is absent for the class?
    For planned holidays, teacher shall let you know the days for which she will not be available and the details of make up classes. Incase of emergency holidays also teacher shall make up the class which she missed.
  • Do you make up the class if student is absent for the class?
    We cannot make up the class if student is absent either in case of planned holiday or in case of emergency holidays.
  • Can Fees be paid as per no of days student attend the classes by deducting the absent days?
    No. Fees shall be paid prior to starting of every month, there shall not be any refund / discount if student is absent for few classes in a month, as we are allocating only 3 student for particular teacher. Even if a student is absent for few days, your slot is dedicated for you and no other student shall join that class.
  • How do you calculate fee for the month of summer holidays, winter holidays or academic year end?
    If student wants to stop classes on or before 15th of that particular month 15 days fee will be charged. If student wants to stop classes on or after 16th of that particular month full month fee will be charged.
  • How can we contact management if we want to discuss concerns?
    Quality control shall be present in class, you can drop a message and request meeting with Head of Operations. Further to your request for meeting, our head of operation shall contact you personally.
  • Does students from India studying CBSE will there in class?
    No. There shall be students only from middle east countries only. ​
  • Can we select time / days of tuitions as per convenience of students?
    No. we don't have such options. After the demo please discuss and agree the time with our sales team. Tuition time is fixed along the week days. Also classes shall be from Monday to Friday only.

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Join live online tuitions in UAE & Middle East from Home. Our best online tutors teach grade 5, 6, 7, 8 ,9 & 10 CBSE & IGCSE syllabus.

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