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10 Tips to Help Your Child Focus on Studies

1. Sit with your child during study time

Shadowing your child during study time can help them to avoid any kind of distraction, and can help you to keep yourself updated about their academic progress. It also shows your child that you care for them.

2. Discuss their subjects and homework from time to time

Make sure to follow up on their progress with regard to it. Help them set realistic targets for their academic syllabus. You could ask them questions like:

“How many chapters are pending?”

“Which subject needs more attention?”

“How much syllabus is already completed?”

3. Create a study environment

Following are the steps to create a favourable study environment:

  • Dedicate a specific space with a table and a chair.

  • Remove distractions like TV area, dining area, noisy spaces like the living room or near the kitchen.

  • Make them schedule a set study time and help them stick to it.

  • Keep the family members informed about the study schedule to prevent any sort of distraction from their end.

  • Assist them to keep their study materials organised like books, stationery, exam papers, notebooks, time-table.

4. Lay stress on the learning process rather than on grades

One 2014 survey found that 80% of children thought that their parents cared more about their achievement than their happiness or altruism.

Focusing only on grades would decrease the concentration on learning. Through grades, a teacher measures a student in a specific curriculum, whereas learning is a process where the student is allowed to be creative, experimental, and even make mistakes.

Try changing your choice of words when you speak about homework or assignments. Instead of saying-

“You have to complete the assignment. Your grade depends on this!”

You could say-

“You did an excellent job at simplifying the factors. Now, I want to see how you plot these factors on a graph.”

5. Keep in touch with the teacher

Work along with the teacher. Take regular updates from their teacher on their performance and areas of improvement. Take notes from the teacher and share your notes as well on how to become a support system for your child.

6. Help them learn from their failures- Encourage them to get up and learn from their mistakes. Share your past experiences where you overcame a similar challenge, if necessary.

Let them know that failing doesn’t mean that their efforts had no impact, rather it helps them to improve upon themselves by identifying their weak points and working on them.

Sit with them and be with them or even give them space if need be.

7. Involve children in shopping their study supplies

Give them autonomy, make them feel that their opinion and choices are valued.

8. Acknowledge all their achievements- Appreciate them and praise them for even the smallest of efforts that they make towards their learning. That one kind word for appreciation can act as a catalyst for the next time they sit for studying and can give positive reinforcement to help them reach their learning goals.

9. Inculcate their reading habit- Set up a library, read alongside with them. Discuss their favourite reading topics, set up a reading game where you see who meets the deadline first in reading that particular article, or book, etc.

10. Build a healthy rapport with your child

Listen to them and build their confidence, be firm and be their mentor at home. Do not shout at your child for not studying or lecture them. Instead make them comfortable and create a safe space for them to share their victories as well as failures, strengths as well as their challenges. Help them in overcoming all kinds of challenges whether academic or personal.

“How was the learning experience today?”

“Did you learn something new today?”

“Would you like to share why you feel a bit low?”

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