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10 ways how working women can balance work with kids (Part 2)

We all want to have a good work-life balance, it is the relationship between our work and the other important things in our life, like our family, sport and social life. With a good work-life balance, one is more likely to have the mental and emotional energy to give children the loving attention they need to develop, learn and thrive.

But, managing work and family is never easy for women, especially working mothers. They keep juggling between full-time jobs and family. An increasing number of women in corporate, full-time jobs and have immense pressure of work, performance & results. In spite of putting in an equal amount of hard work and commitment, working women often end up with feelings of guilt and stress due to divided attention on family & work.

Working women life balance techniques
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6. Get Rid of Guilty Feelings

Rather than feeling guilty about not spending enough time with their children and families, working women should focus on the good aspects of their contributions to the family. Because of your employment and earnings, you may be able to provide your child with the greatest educational possibilities or extracurricular activities. You can set money aside for their future education and enroll them in the best college possible. The most effective working mothers are organized, multi-tasking, and time managers.

Elders teach children, and their mother is their first instructor. You should try to instill the same values in your child by setting a good example. Make your child self-reliant and confident from the start, which can only happen if you are proud of what you do and not always feeling the quilt.

Working women life balancing techniques. Brilliant tuition is the best online tuitions in UAE.
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7. Plan Creative Family Activities

Make the most of the time you have with your children by preparing fun, creative activities. This may be accomplished in a variety of ways, like hosting game evenings on weekends, planning a backyard picnic, or taking the family on a vacation that everyone will love. These activities might assist you in keeping in touch with your family and understanding their needs.

8. Make a to-do list and organize it.

Mornings may be terrifying for working parents if they don't prepare and manage their schedules the night before. Making breakfast, getting the kids ready, showering, changing clothes, making lunches, and getting ready yourself might be exhausting. It's critical that you select what you want to make for breakfast and what you want to pack for lunch, and that you do some basic preparations the night before. Healthy Breakfast Ideas may be found here. You can prepare your clothes, your bag, and your children's bags the night before to save time in the morning. Prepare a weekly meal planner and place it in the kitchen; this will assist you in determining the amount of time necessary for cooking as well as assisting you in purchasing supplies for the week. Nutritional Lunchbox Ideas for Kids may be found here.

Paste the children's monthly planner wherever you can refer to it and arrange your actions accordingly. It may also be beneficial to divide your work schedule with your partner, as this will allow you to spend more time with your family in the morning while having breakfast, since many monotonous jobs will be performed.

9. Be present wherever you are.

One of the consequences of mom guilt is that we are never sure of ourselves. We feel like we should be at work when we're at home. And we feel guilty about not being at home when we're at work. Allow yourself the luxury of keeping your mind and body in sync. You'll get more done, be more present, and enjoy your life more fully. You'll lose out on your one wonderful life if you let your distracted thoughts and guilt feelings take your focus away from the present now.

You must also observe and establish limitations at work. Of course, you want to get along with your employees, but constant texting, email exchanges, gossip, and extended lunch breaks will detract from your productivity. Focus on work in the office to lighten your burden and fulfill deadlines so you may spend more time at home with your family and child.

10. Make time to unwind.

Adults require seven to eight hours of sleep every night (and I'd wager that some working parents require even more). Sleep deprivation causes a slew of physical and mental health issues. Make going to bed a priority for both you and your children. After a few nights of restful sleep, the world appears to be brighter and lighter. Take some time to rest and relax; you might go to a spa or take yoga courses, or you could focus on a certain activity and try to do whatever makes you happy and invigorated.

Balancing can be tough, but we know moms are not afraid of challenges. Bolster your unwavering attitude with these tips and attain a perfect balance in work and life

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