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10 ways on how working moms can balance work with kids - Part 1 of 2

Working mothers are undoubtedly masters at multitasking. But, being a working mom is tough, as being a mom is a full-time job in itself and working mothers often feel stressed balancing the home and office, being fully committed to your work as well as your family Today's businesswomen are battling to strike the right balance between setting up playdates, changing diapers, and coordinating conference calls while attempting to meet unrealistic work-life balance demands.

However, if you discover the right way to balance between your family and career, you can pursue an unrestricted full-time career without defying your dear ones. Here are a few useful tips for your help

1. Keep yourself away from time-wasters and distractions.

When reading email or making phone calls, be disciplined and set time limitations. These are things you can do while the kids are sleeping. Reduce your TV viewing to once a week in order to spend more time with your partner in the evenings. When spending time with your children, try to prevent multitasking. At work, strive to avoid wasting time as much as possible. Of course, you want to get along with your coworkers, but frequent email exchanges, casual Internet browsing, chatting, and extended lunches are all distractions that will keep you from being as effective as you may be.

2. Communicate with your boss or boss’s boss.

Prepare a written strategy outlining your requirements before speaking with your company or HR representative. Every job is different, and only you can decide how much information to provide; nonetheless, try to be as open and honest as possible. Prepare alternate options, such as a trial period of your expected work schedule to demonstrate how the arrangement will not hinder production.

When engaging with a supervisor about maternity leave, moms should ask questions. The two most critical questions to ask are "How much time can I take off?" and "How much of that time will be paid?" Consider using a short-term disability or vacation/sick leave to cover some of your time away from the workplace.

3. Work wisely, share the load

You can only do so much on your own, so enlist the help of your spouse to share chores and obligations. Allow him to pick up your children if you drop them off at school. Avoid accepting work calls or responding to emails at home, and when you're at work, trust your caregiver to look after your child and don't phone to check on them regularly. Assign your children responsibilities. This frees up your time and gives kids a sense of self-sufficiency. Give kids minor duties like cleaning veggies when you're cooking. This allows you to spend more time with your children. Preparation is essential in the kitchen as well. Working mothers benefit greatly from freezer meals that can be prepared on the weekend. Cook dishes that do not need you to stand in the kitchen for long periods of time. During the week, try a couple of slow cooker dinners or baked dishes, and reserve your specialties for weekends and holidays.

4. Get Recommendations for Nannies, Babysitters, and Daycare Facilities:

Ask your friends and relatives for recommendations for nannies, babysitters, and daycare centers. Make a list of critical requirements, then set up a time to interview eligible childcare providers or tour nearby daycares. It's usually a good idea to hire nannies who have a track record of working with families for a long time. When it comes to nannies,, it's essential to plan play dates so you can see how they behave informal situations. If you're looking for a daycare, look for one that has qualified personnel, flexible hours, a low teacher-to-student ratio, outdoor are, and current licenses.

5. During the Day, Stay Connected

Stay in contact with your children even when you are not together. For parents with younger children, consider shooting yourself speaking or singing on camera, or capturing your voice reading along to a children's book (Hallmark has a series of recordable storybooks). If you're going to miss or be late for an occasion, give an older child something special in the morning, such as a good-luck charm or a personal message. Investigate the possibilities of recording the event so that you can watch it later and not miss anything. Photos of you and your partner should be displayed so that the youngsters may see your smiling faces. During your work breaks, call your child; hearing her voice may help you get through a challenging day.

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