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3 Fun Creative Writing Exercises to Boost Your Writing

1. Write Your Future-Self a Letter

In order to allow the creativity inside of you to burst out, try writing a letter to the future you. Often, writing is easier when you know your audience, and it’s impossible to know anyone as well as you know yourself.

Start by thinking about your future self. What will that version of you want to know about your life right now? Then set pen to paper and create your letter. Be sure to include lots of sensory imagery and detail.

2. Pen down your 'dreams' in a journal

Writing down what you remember from your dreams is a great way to stimulate your creative energy. Dreams are like stories that are full of mystery, fantasy, and adventure. When you write down your dreams, you unfold a parallel universe full of exciting adventure. There are no rules there.

Start by simply writing what you remember from your dreams. It doesn’t matter how silly it may seem; don’t judge any of it.

Let your mind go and allow your pen to move freely across the page (or your fingers over the keyboard). Add to the details as you wish, creating characters, settings, and new plot arcs. You will be pleasantly surprised by the latent creativity you have hidden inside of you.

3. Start With Fact and Add Three Elements of Fiction

Great writing often starts with exaggeration or embellishment. Many famous writers, such as Jack London, started with what they knew and then created stories around that. You can do the same.

Begin by choosing an event in your life, a setting you know well, or a person with whom you’ve interacted. Then, add three elements of fiction to this real-world starting point. For instance, you could start with a childhood memory of your mom locking the keys in the car at the beach. Add a thunderstorm that didn’t happen to ramp up the tension. Bring in a kindly but vaguely sinister lifeguard for some great character interaction. Change the setting by turning a local lake into the Atlantic ocean. Then write a few pages about this situation.

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