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4 Easy Ways to Involve Children in Science in Daily Activities

Curiosity and questioning are always encouraged in science. The science tutor dubai from Brilliant tutions believes that science investigates natural phenomena based on facts and develops new technology that improves our quality of life. Science can be found in almost every aspect of our lives. Science is a necessary component of daily life. We can't deny the importance of science and its applications in our daily lives. 


Science is one of the most important subjects for children to learn because it is involved in almost every aspect of our daily lives. Brilliant tutions believe that everything involves a scientific aspect, from cooking to stargazing to building with blocks.   


Engaging children in science activities does not have to entail complicated experiments or expensive equipment; rather, engaging children in science activities entails looking for science in our everyday activities. The science tutor dubai from brilliant tutions suggest, simplest activities are often the ones that children remember the longest, and children can learn a lot about science through their daily activities.

Every child needs to follow these amazing methods to develop their interest in science!

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  • Track the daily weather

One of the most engaging ways to study science in everyday activities is to watch the weather. Children can track weather patterns in their local area as well as global weather events. Learning about how weather travels across an area and how weather events (for example, hurricanes and tsunamis) can be correlated to one another involves children learning about geography as well. The science tutor dubai from brilliant tutions suggest, to begin with a monthly calendar, recording the daily weather and temperature and note down what are the changes you can notice. Your observation can include timings (AM, PM), humidity, rainfall in cm, temperature in Fahrenheit & Centigrade (hottest & coolest day / night of the month). Day light duration and migration of birds, etc.

  • Experiment with cooking

Most kids enjoy cooking in the kitchen, but few realize that it is a scientific process. Cooking

entails taking measurements, following steps in a specific order, and observing chemical reactions. Foods change texture and form when cooked (for example, browning meat or boiling an egg), and combining foods can change their state or cause them to taste differently. When cooking a simple recipe, such as cookies, you can involve young children and can experiment with their own recipes. The science tutor dubai from brilliant tutions suggest, to begin with recording volume of water, freezing the same as ice cubes, then again defrost as water, then heat the water and observe the process of condensation, evaporation, formation of water vapor, change in volume of water in different stages.

Study astronomy through visuals

Astrology studies will teach children about celestial objects such as planets, the moon, and stars. At night, children can learn about science by looking at star constellations and lunar phases, which can also spark conversations about space exploration, its history, and its future.

Children can use their natural eyesight to observe celestial objects, or they can use a telescope to get a better look at them. The science tutor dubai from brilliant tutions suggest to visit Planetarium in Sharjah Academy of Astronomy, Space Sciences and Technology and observe the wonders of the sky.

Wrapping up

Learning about science is an important part of a child's development because it serves as the foundation for so much of their educational development. To teach children about science, it's a good idea to use everyday activities like food digestion and reading books to study scientific processes and information. 


Children will become more interested in science once they understand how frequently science is used in our daily lives if they are exposed to it through daily activities. Brilliant tutions mission is to provide the best student teacher interaction and premium online tuitions in UAE at an affordable cost. Brilliant tutions provides an online teaching platform for students to interact with the best online tutors in UAE, which helps students to develop their academic skills so that students can attain the best results. Our best online tutors ensure quality by limiting three students per teacher.

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