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5 Common challenges faced by working moms

Most women have traditionally been confined to the position of full-time moms. In recent decades, however, the number of women pursuing full-time professions has risen considerably. This, too, has had its share of issues. Is it possible for a woman to properly manage both tasks at the same time, and is it a wise lifestyle choice to be a working mother? Let's see what happens.

With equal educational possibilities, an increasing number of women are leaving their traditional roles as daughter-in-law, wife, and mother to enter the job.

Working mothers' most serious issues arise when they must leave their child behind to go to work. Isn't that so?

Even whether the kid is cared for by a nurse, grandma, or her own husband, the child's father, the mother's heart skips a beat and she finds herself asking the "Am I doing the right thing by leaving my child behind for the sake of my career?" I've asked myself a thousand times.

Being a working parent isn't always easy. After all, juggling a profession and children is not an easy task. To be more specific, here are some of the most frequent obstacles experienced by working mothers, as well as some strategies for overcoming them.

1. Lack of capacity to strike a work-life balance

We all seek a healthy work-life balance, which is the link between our employees and other vital aspects of our lives such as family, sports, and social activities. One is more likely to have the mental and emotional energy to offer children the loving attention they require to develop, learn, and flourish if they have a solid work-life balance.

They continue to juggle full-time careers and family obligations. A rising number of women are working full-time in corporate occupations, where they are subjected to enormous pressures about labor, performance, and outcomes. Working women typically experience shame and stress as a result of their divided emphasis on family and job, while putting in an equal amount of effort and devotion.

Working full-time as a mother may be both tiresome and demanding. Aside from their job obligations, they must also manage their household and care for their child. This has a significant impact on their work-life balance and has a negative impact on their emotional and mental health.

2. Constant guilt

Mothers are genuinely one-of-a-kind individuals. While they have hopes and objectives as individuals, cultural standards dictate that they, as women, be the family's main nurturers. This is why all women have a continual and unending sense of guilt since if they pick their work over their families, they are putting themselves in a problematic situation.

3. Never-ending multitasking attempts

Another prevalent problem for working women is the necessity to multitask all of the time. They must continually manage their time between their personal and professional lives, whether they work in an office or from home.

4. There is no time for 'Self'

A working woman neglects to invest time in herself while juggling the roles of mother and professional. Even when they are on leave, they do not get a chance to relax. It's a choice between these two options. There just isn't enough time for oneself.

5. The desire to be flawless all of the time

Working women are unquestionably the modern-day embodiment of a superwoman, but they cannot be great all of the time. The pressures of cultural standards and the urge to be flawless all of the time may take a toll on moms, especially those who work.

Working as a parent is a tough job that demands juggling work and personal hours to build a cycle that works for both their profession and their family. The COVID-19 has heightened the difficulties that women confront in work. Working women have always had to strike a balance between jobs and child care. Different issues have arisen as a result of the epidemic. Many people who used to work in an office are now working remotely, blurring the border between work and home, as 2020 totally changes the way we work and live.

Because moms are more likely to be in charge of housekeeping and childcare, they must adjust to work-related changes brought on by the epidemic. They must also care for their children, potentially homeschool them, and keep up with household chores. It's not an easy balancing act, yet mothers all across the world do it on a regular basis. Working moms have had to make a major change in the last year or two as a result of the epidemic. Juggling work and child care have taken on a whole new meaning for them as they continue to work from home.

The last year has demonstrated how severely the epidemic has impacted working women. They've had to deal with a "double shift" of domestic duties, mental health issues, and a more challenging remote-work experience.

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