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5 Common Questions Students ask About Taking Online Classes (FAQ).

Though today the world has digitised to a greater extent and people find online interaction very comfortable. There still have been a lot of doubts when it comes to online classes and learning. Especially for students who have never experienced any sort of online lectures, learning, seminars, etc.

Therefore, Here we have answered five most the FAQs asked by students regarding online lessons.

1. What do I need for online classes?

Ans. Online classes depend on a complete technical system, nothing very extra but all the basic elements required for smooth connectivity and interaction are the primary prerequisites.

You will need

  • Laptop, tablet or computer.

  • A stable Internet connection

  • Video call software

  • Microphone and speakers

  • A webcam ( for devices that do not have an in-built camera)

  • A notebook and pen to note down important points.

  • A well-lit room for clear video interaction.

2. What if I have technical difficulties?

Ans. Technical difficulty is a common issue, but first, you need to relax and consider the following measures you can use to prevent such issues.

  • Examine every piece of equipment that you need for online lessons. Your microphone, internet connection, camera, etc.

  • Visit the site that is hosting your online classes to check if your system is compatible with the site's interface and vice-versa.

  • Check if your computer or device speed is good enough to rapidly switch between software and screens.

We know these measures are for situations that occur before class begins. However, Sometimes technical errors can occur suddenly in between the online lesson. So here is what you can do to overcome such errors.

  • Seek advice from your mentor/teacher/tutor.

  • Try solving the issue using software or hardware's troubleshooting guide.

  • Seek your teacher's permission and restart or reboot the system and sign in again for the class.

3. Is online education as effective as in-person classes?

Ans. Yes! Online education is definitely something new but it has been proven via many types of research that it is as effective as face-to-face interaction. In fact, a study conducted by the U.S. Department of Education shows that results generated by online education platforms outperform results produced by the classroom-based education system. This does not disregard classroom-based learning as dubious but it proves that online education is as effective as in-class learning and in some cases, an online learning platform is better.

4. What technical skills do I need to have for online lessons?

Ans. Online platforms are considerably easier to operate; they have simple UI with clear instructions and automated control.

Many sites have their own ‘how to use tutorial videos for better understanding. However, students nevertheless should know how to operate a computer with basic skills like typing on a keyboard, mouse regulation, downloading and uploading software, recording etc.

If you do not know how to do these things, don’t worry, many online platforms guide you and assist you in learning these skills.

5. Do online classes only focus on curriculum or besides that too?

Well, many strict online education platforms don't usually focus on anything besides the curricular subjects but platforms like BrilliantTutions, which offer online tuitions for kids and focus on school curriculum along with which they focus on student's personality development through anger management skills, speaking skills, teamwork. For many such online platforms, a student's mental health is their foremost priority. At Brilliant Tutions, students not only get quality education and produce progressive results in their academics but also evolve as better human beings who learn various soft skills through our teaching methods and effort

Brilliant Tution is an online platform for tuition classes for students from 6 to 9 standard, CBSE board. At Brilliant Tutions, there are highly qualified teachers for subjects like Hindi, Mathematics, English, and Science. You can also leverage this online education platform to learn many other software programs like AutoCAD, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.

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