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8 Benefits of Online Tuition for Students

Updated: May 3, 2021

The advent of the technological era has given rise to opportunities that were earlier unimaginable. Interconnection between people across the globe was never this simple. Among the greatest endeavours of technology is in the field of education.

Benefits of online tuitions - brillianttuitions

When most parents speculate about tuitions, the first thing that comes to mind is of hauling their children to the tuition centres to study for an hour or two. Even though these tuitions are extremely beneficial they can be intrusive to the family time and routine. Most physical tuitions even cost more, making it an expensive medium. On a tragic note, good tutors who get along with your child and communicate with them constructively are hard to find.

However, with the introduction of technology in education, one does not have to worry about travel, insensitive time routines, non-curriculum tutoring and lessons that are only tethered to the boundaries of tuition centers. Opting for online tuitions for your child is no wonder a good idea. The recent pandemic hit has made online tuitions even more crucial when manual interaction can be extremely risky. The need for online tuitions has increased ever since covid-19 has steered global disruption to an unprecedented level. Nonetheless, Some parents might not find this method of education very convincing along with students who still grapple with the suspicion that online learning is a possible recourse to in-class learning. And so here is a list of major benefits that make online tuition worthwhile especially in times like now.

Convenient mode of learning

Online tuitions offer a more convenient solution of studying within the comfort of home and helps manage time according to one's amenity. Students are no longer constrained to a particular tuition centre that could even take a lot of time in vain because of travel and transportation, regardless to mention the cost of travel adds more to inconvenience offered by physical tuition.

Familiar mode

Students today are used to the online world, they are aware of the latest technological updates associated with online tuitions and learning. Therefore, they can easily grasp what is being delivered online.

Never miss anything important

The entire lesson can be saved as a pdf and lectures can be recorded, so if you miss some important point, while the live session was going on, you can go through the recorded class or pdf for a proper revision.

Best teachers

Finding a teacher who fits best to your needs and criteria can be a daunting task. But online tuition websites already shortlist the best teachers available for every subject Whether it is Maths, Science, English or Hindi. Therefore, it is easier to select the best teacher for yourself than ferrying here and there in the abyss.


Teachers, training students online are not restricted to any geographical limit or time limit. They can be accessed easily and with convenience.

Interactive techniques

Online sessions are more likely to use illustrative methods like photos, videos, animations, drawings etc. For better learning and understanding which is more beneficial than the traditional copy-pen method.

Easy resource sharing

There are resources that are readily available and easy to share without much hassle, which otherwise can consume time and energy unnecessarily.


Taking classes in an environment that is reliable for you is also a cost-effective mode of learning. Teachers giving online tuitions charge less compared to in-class teachers. Online tuitions at home also save travel and transportation charges.

Online tuitions are no doubt a revolutionary way and in today’s world it is the need of the hour, education is something that one cannot take for granted and skip. Online tuition acts as a constructive substitute to physical tuitions in times when manual interaction can be hazardous. We at BrilliantTutions, work in the direction where the aesthetics of education remain unhindered and are successfully delivering quality lessons for 6th to 9th standard students for subjects like Maths, Science, English and Hindi. BrilliantTuitions believe in quality education and growth.

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Suresh Amara
Suresh Amara
Apr 20, 2021

I am looking for my son for best online tutoring... glad to find brilliant tutions doing good job and absolutely helpful for my child

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