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ANCHOR - The Future Social Media Revolution

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News, entertainment, and culture, as well as cutting-edge journalism and storytelling, are all available on podcasts. They may be used in the classroom as well. Students may listen to podcasts on the move to learn about current events or fascinating tales, which can supplement and enhance classroom learning. Making podcasts may help students organize and communicate while also learning how to record, edit, and publish.

This modest but rapidly developing category of online entertainment, which is a combination of iPod and broadcast, has enormous promise in a country with a large young population, abysmally sluggish internet rates, and perpetually lengthy daily commutes. For these reasons, music streaming has already acquired traction in India.

Podcasts are now only listened to by 40 million of India's almost 500 million internet users. However, the number is steadily increasing. In India, the number of podcast listeners increased by about 60% in 2018.

People who wish to publish a blog article can go to websites like Medium. They can upload videos to YouTube or Vimeo when they want to. However, most individuals have no idea where to start with podcasts.

Anchor, a podcast-creation tool located in New York that was recently acquired by Spotify, has released hundreds of podcasts in India. As the industry opens up, the corporation anticipates a ripple effect. "People will want to join onboard and produce their own podcasts if they see friends, relatives, and influencers doing it," Anchor's Mignano said.

Features of Anchor

All of your recording, editing, and hosting can be done in Anchor, either through the free phone app or online at You can record audio, upload it to many sites including iTunes and Google Podcasts, and import audio from other devices using the software. It's a brilliant idea with a sound business approach that motivates you to succeed so that both you and Anchor profit. The software and hosting, on the other hand, are both free.

Beginners friendly:

Anchor believes that everybody should be able to simply capture and distribute audio without the use of specific equipment or technical knowledge. Anchor's motto is "podcasting made easy," and their website states that it is one of the easiest podcast hosting systems to use.

Plugin that is integrated

There isn't a WordPress plugin for Anchor yet. Using the RSS feed code, you may manually insert an audio player into WordPress. Then, in the specified field of your website, put the code.


Anchor also offers iOS and Android editing software for your episodes. This means you may modify any undesired elements of your audio, such as inappropriate language or speech gaps, by trimming or splitting it.This is really convenient since it eliminates the need to acquire extra software and import your Anchor files in order to modify your podcast.


Professional podcasters began using Anchor's app in larger numbers last year to take advantage of some of its capabilities, despite the fact that it was designed for short-form audio. This includes Anchor videos, which convert audio into shareable video clips (which will be re-added to the new app in a future version), as well as a "call-ins" tool, which allows them to collect voice messages from listeners and incorporate them into a future episode. They were mostly using the one-touch podcast function, which allows anyone to record and broadcast audio with a single push of a button.

Songs from Spotify may be added to your episodes.

Anchor features a music feature that lets you add Spotify songs to your podcast. If you have a music podcast, this is a terrific way to incorporate excerpts or even entire songs for your audience to hear. This is also a useful tool if you want to utilise a clip of a song as your podcast's beginning theme tune. Any episodes you provide with Spotify tracks will need to be vetted before being made available on the platform.


Anchor monetizes users' podcasts, allowing them to earn money from them. However, this is presently only available to creators in the United States. Anchor takes a 30% cut of your monetization, plus a $0.25 Stripe service charge, which may add up to a significant chunk of change if you're trying to make a living off your podcast. People with larger or rising audiences are more likely to receive sponsorships and hence earn more money. The cost per thousand downloads (CPM) is roughly $10-15, so you'll need a few thousand downloads to break even.

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