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How to Adjust your Study Habits During Coronavirus

In the wake of Covid-19 everything appears chaotic these days, no wonder when is life going to run back on tracks. No one could have ever imagined shutting schools, universities, tuition centres for so long. But life must go on and so must learning. Because of which remote learning has become a successful temporary alternative to compensate for classroom learning.

But the main thing is how are students going to cope up with the new study pattern especially when times are so hard because of covid-19 and when there is no other possible solution available.

Patience and strategies are basic things that you should maintain for yourself to have a better online learning experience.

1. Stay methodized

Try to stay updated with the new remote patterns of studying. Whether it is your new syllabus, assignment, project or exam. Organize your daily routine and if possible draw a chart of the new changes in every course. Keep a track of things that you have been following in the virtual classes.

2. Do not panic and relax

We know these days things are unreal, there is no clear explanation on how things will turn better. But the main thing is that our state of mind needs to be calm and prepared. You should exercise daily, take a good diet and avoid stress as much as possible, this way you will not only combat the mental pressure that has evolved in the wake of the pandemic but also will be able to concentrate better on your studies.

3. Avoid multitasking

Make sure to focus on one thing at a time, for instance, while you are active in an online class you should avoid getting involved with other gadgets, people or task and fully concentrate on what is being taught. And if you are writing any assignment or project it is better to keep your phones aside so that you grasp what you are writing and get an idea of how much you have learned.

4. Take breaks

In the effort to avoid negative thoughts people have recorded to get themselves indulged too much in different activities which eventually breaks them down physically and mentally. It is not wrong to do your tasks at intervals. Consider taking breaks, eat some snacks, take a nap or perhaps go for a good read or try some spiritual activity to relax your mind and body.

5. Record your lectures

It is possible that sometimes during your online lessons you might not understand the concept for some reason. For that, it is recommended that you record your lectures for revision and future reference.

6. Don’t take online lessons as something different from traditional classes.

Covid-19 has for sure made us all anxious and uncertain and has made adapting new techniques difficult for all of us. But the remedy is always there, the more you convince your brain that it's normal you will get used to it. It is important to understand that there is nothing much different from traditional classes but only that you have to attend lectures from remote locations while being connected on video calls.

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