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How to Master The Tough Subjects | Read These Four Tips

Have you ever wondered what to do when you're having trouble with a subject? Or why did you do well in some subjects in school but continued to struggle in others? It is a normal and inevitable part of the learning process to struggle with new concepts. 


Knowing what to do when you're having trouble with a subject, on the other hand, can make

things easier. Acknowledging how the brain works, how to study difficult subjects, and how to learn can all assist you in quickly mastering a difficult subject.

Check out these four amazing tips to overcome your tough subjects from the leading online

tuitions in uae

  • Try and examine the chapter's headings, subheadings, and illustrations

When we're having trouble with a subject, we think the best way to study is to concentrate as much as possible on every detail. However, getting a complete understanding of the topic will be extremely difficult if we don't look at the big picture.


Allowing your student to visualise the chapter and reflect on the overall purpose of the lesson ahead is one study method. You're putting your brain in a receptive learning mode and giving it a framework to "hang"new concepts on while you're doing this.

  • Concentrate on creating conceptual chunks of data

Attempting to mentally swallow everything at once will completely exhaust their brain. That is why they must concentrate on ingesting small pieces at a time before moving on to the next round.


Let's consider your math chapter has a few examples of problems with solutions. You will focus on those issues in this step to figure out why each solution works the way it does and what procedure they all have in common. You will be creating chunks of knowledge that you'll be able to retrieve and build on later to solve different types of problems.

  • Pause and recall

Close your book after reading a page or solving a problem, and try to repeat what you've just learned. Don't jump to the next one just yet; give it time to sink in and repeat it to yourself. Although rereading should not be confused with recalling.

  • To make concepts more memorable, use simple analogies

One of the most effective ways to study is to use a simple analogy to explain a concept you

have learned. This allows it to communicate with other parts of the brain.


If you take the extra step of writing out the comparison by hand, it will be even more deeply

ingrained in your mind. What you learn is converted into the "neural memory structure" when you write it down by hand. In other words, you're altering the physical structure of your brain.


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