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How you Can Still Engage Students When Teaching Online?

The sudden transition in the educational method is for some reason unadaptable to an extent certainly because the ambience that the classroom provides to students is not found in online classes. The comfort of home may sound convenient but on the other hand, it can also cause a lot of difference in student’s attitude and concentration. The atmosphere of home can influence the mood of the child depending on which the student may or may not engage with the session. To avoid that, it is important to make virtual classes more interactive and engaging for students so that the online classes dominate their unwilling attitudes, their homely comforts and disruptions and to make them enthusiastic and interested in online classes.

Here is how you can engage students in online classes:

Since you are not teaching your students in person you have to put in more efforts by being more interactive and active during online classes. You have to make eye contacts with your students which means you have to look in the camera and at the same time monitor your students wisely. For that, you must keep your camera to such an angle where both are possible. You have to build a connection and also facilitate your students to participate in the online session. You can use some hand gestures and have to be audible and comprehensible.

Convey your knowledge with vitality, just how you would do it in person. Here are some ways which will help you in engaging your students online classes:

  • Encourage participation from students, boost their enthusiasm by allowing them to do specific activities that make your class interactive.

  • Be comprehensible and audible, try to adapt to the online pace that often fluctuates because of network failure or server slow down.

  • Keep your students on record, try to memorise their names and address each student with their names to give them a feel of personalised attention.

  • Avoid chaos by organising speaking turns for each student perhaps roll wise.

  • Going for a chat window is never going to fail you, students who hesitate to talk will be able to efficiently deliver in words. Plus, you will have a record of questions asked by students. This method is less chaotic.

  • Invite questions and discussion possibly in between the lecture to wake up students and engage them with the session.

  • A flash activity like finding some clues in a book or perhaps writing a short note for a quick presentation will make students energetic.

  • End discussion is important you should encourage students to put forward what they have understood during the class.

A dull and boring lecture drains the energy and willingness from students, especially in online classes therefore it is necessary to maintain the pace and energy with light-hearted fun or some educational activities to keep students engaged and energized. The more enthusiastic they are the more they will be able to learn.

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