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Online Learning Best Practices for Students

As an online educational institution, BrilliantTutions know that online learning can be meddlesome, while many of the teachers and students struggle with this platform its benefits are nevertheless undeniable. There is a need for proper strategies and planning that would help in the appropriate implementation of online classes and learning.

Online learning brillianttutions

Peaceful environment

Consider your classroom, for instance, although there is always a lot of commotion in classrooms but during lessons, there is always pin-drop silence, the only voice that you hear is of the teacher. This is exactly what should be practised in online classes, you can't be around people and expect to understand what is being taught. Therefore, you need to be in a quiet space of your house to be able to concentrate better.

Share your schedule

It is better that your inmates know your virtual class schedule, so that they may leave you alone and don't disturb you for petty reasons. Also, if you are sharing your network with your family members you can ask them to minimise their usage during your class hours so that you do not face any network issues while your class is going on.

Keep your system up to date

It is recommended to check all your system an hour before the class begins, so even if there is an issue with your system you have time to make it right or you can get it fixed before your next class.

Put aside all other devices during your class

This practice implies not only to students but also to teachers, it is must to get rid of any distraction during your class, whether it is T.V., mobile phones, tablets or anything. Remember you do not carry your gadgets to your classroom, and if you do their use is prohibited.

Finish your assignments on time

It is not a good thing to be get reprimanded by your teacher in front of your batch mates and family. You must finish your assignments on time for three reasons

  1. You will have all your concepts clear in mind and will be prepared for the lecture.

  2. If you come across something that is not comprehensible, you can ask your teacher to clarify your doubt.

  3. Embarrassment can disturb your psyche because of which you will not be able to concentrate.

Put your mic on mute

Any undesirable sound coming from your end can disturb the class, thus it is better to keep your mic on mute to avoid being the spoiler.

It is important to bear in mind that there is nothing unrealistic about online learning, online classes or online tuitions. Geographically you might be in different spaces but when you are on a meet with your colleagues and teachers – it becomes your one single classroom. Practising the aforementioned strategies during online classes will definitely improve your knowledge and concentration power. In the wake of coronavirus, there is literally no one who owns devices and the internet and is not aware of the live video interaction. But if you are still struggling to achieve your goals then there is something from the above that you are not practising. Begin to strategize your learning procedure and you will for sure see the difference. BrilliantTutions offer you a flexible and transparent environment with quality education and a classroom-like feel that will help you focus better on your studies.

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