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Online Tuitions: 8 Tips to Help Your Child Learn at Home

COVID 19 has created the need for online tuitions due to the physical shutdown of schools and universities in the country. Some preparation for online tuition is required for children and parents. Here are tips that can help you in getting the best out of online tuitions for your child:

1. Learn to set and follow a schedule

When you enroll your child in online tuition, get involved. help him/her design a schedule that can be followed. Using calendar and color-codes can help the child know the deadlines; priority tasks, and differentiation of subjects. The art of dividing a task and completing it on time, must be inculcated in students by parents.

2. Keep away from distractions

List out distracting activities that unnecessarily consumes a lot of students' time like games, television, and frequent dosing. And innovate ways to limit the time spent with them. Assign half an hour for any kind of computer gaming or television and control the internet.

3. Designated learning space is essential

Online tuitions intend to improve the pace and clarity of studying. Till the time and space around the child is cluttered, a student cannot completely utilize the benefits. Besides maintaining a proper schedule, assign a clear space, table, chair for the child. In case of lack of space, multipurpose items such as a kitchen table can be used.

4. All work and no play make Jack a dull boy

Online tuitions help students to grasp more. This process requires a healthy body and mind. Physical activity can help the child reduce stress, prevent anxiety, and focus more. Small breaks and a designated time for exercises can help.

5. Help your child get friendly accessibility features

Every device and application has different features. Some provide subtitles, some provide the required volume and clarity, some put forward interesting videos. Get your child familiar with them and help him to identify the best for him for online classes.

6. Interact with the child’s teachers

There is nothing that can work without family support. Discuss the shortcomings and strong points of your child so that overall improvement is possible. Suggest ways that the student can be helped with to overcome challenges.

7. Barriers in learning shall be removed

Keep a check whether your child is comfortable with the teacher and express his doubts. Have a look at the learning material and method and see if your child can comprehend the same. If any problem arises, discuss it with the online tuition provider and find a solution.

8. Make your child eat and drink healthy

Children are quite fussy about eating. This makes it challenging for the parents to look after their health. Being more creative with the food, such as making a burger at home with wheat bun and fresh vegetables is healthier than the one from the market to satiate the fast-food craving of your child.

The above statements provide clarity given a child’s studies at home. It makes it easier for you to enroll your child in BrilliantTutions for maximum growth and progress!

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