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Positive Parenting ... what's that?

What is Positive Parenting?

  • Positive parenting is about showing children love, warmth and kindness.

  • It’s about guiding children to act the way you want by encouraging and teaching them.

  • It’s about helping children thrive by sending the powerful message: You are loved, you are good, you matter.

We aim to spread awareness on positive parenting to help the parents bring out the best version of their child.

Brilliant Tutions is on its quest to unite the community of parents and teachers to ensure a healthy, safe and effective learning environment for each of their children. We have curated some of the best and well-researched content for our parents to help them become their child's best friend and be their strongest support system. Brilliant Tuitions - one of the best online Math & Science tuitions in Dubai, specialising in both - British curriculum and CBSE syllabus, enhances students' learning skills by involving in seminars, quiz, daily recap, home works & periodic test.

Our experienced Math Tutor in Dubai & Science Tutor in Dubai concentrate more on fundamentals and strive to provide the best online tutoring in UAE.


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