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Quality Education for all During COVID-19

The education crisis is awful, especially for the underprivileged population and after the advent of Covid-19 the crisis has pummeled us hard. Millions of people have been suffering from this heart-breaking pandemic. Education has been the second-largest sector after employment that has faced major turbulence in its progress. With this unending catastrophe, the world appears nowhere near to provide quality education to students for some more years to come.

This pandemic (Covid-19) has pushed a majority of students around the world out of learning institutions (schools, colleges, universities) because of worldwide lockdowns and closures. Academic losses caused by shutdowns are in expansion, and this creates a panel between students and quality education. Considering all the factors many academic institutions including schools and colleges have supported online learning from home, students can therefore study in the comfort of their home so as to avoid ample downfall that has been done to their future due to Covid-19.

Consequently, online education has become an alternative to formal face-to-face learning, to meet the educational needs on all levels from preschools to universities. Therefore, Various organizations , such as the public or private institutions, are doing their best to provide quality education by improving existing online platforms and applications, and ensuring that educators are also doing the equivalent to make the most of these applications and platforms.

As with the expansion of modern technology, the Internet has become one of the best, widely operated and easily accessible networks around the world. With the benefit of the internet, online methods of teaching have become less expensive for all. All the educational organisations, be it a public or private one, are working to smooth the transition of the offline school system into online mode of teaching.

Various statements are correlated to e-learning that makes them accessible, affordable, flexible, easy instructions, retainable knowledge and strategy are some of the key features of online education. It is said that online mode of teaching is easily accessible and can teach to rural and remote areas. It is considered to be relatively a cheaper mode of education that curbs the cost of conveyance.

Flexibility is another mode of e-learning; a student can schedule or plan according to their time of completion of the classes available online. Combining face-to-face lectures with technology gives rise to mixed learning and skimmed classrooms; this type of learning environment increases the learning capacity of the students. Students can learn anytime anywhere and can develop new abilities in this process.

E-learning allows learners to learn beyond the norm. Students have access to an unlimited number of topics. Online courses enable students or groups to learn at their own pace, without restraint, and without affecting other duties. Considering the safety measures in this shaken world with the grotesque effects of Covid-19, one can easily study at home with all the protection without affecting one’s health from air-spread diseases.

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