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What are New Energy Vehicles (NEVs?)

With the rapid growth in the number of automobiles, new energy vehicles are becoming one of the approaches to reducing pollutant emissions by reducing the auto industry's reliance on petroleum.

Because NEVs use electric-drive technologies to boost vehicle efficiency through regenerative braking, thus recapturing energy lost during braking, new energy vehicles (NEVs) typically use less fuel than comparable conventional vehicles. Both plug-in NEVs and all-electric vehicles (EVs), which are also known as battery electric vehicles, can run entirely on electricity.

A quick fact -

According to the latest forecast from investment bank UBS, by 2025, 20% of all new cars sold globally will be NEVs. By 2030, that percentage will have risen to 40%, and by 2040, virtually every new car sold worldwide will be a NEV. Brilliant Tutions - Best online Tutions in UAE, would like to highlight that we are going to see a big change in Auto Industry within a decade from now.

The primary goal has been to establish NEVs as a global leader in electric vehicle (EV) technology, thereby contributing to energy independence and alleviating local air quality concerns.

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There are numerous reasons to purchase an energy vehicle as your next vehicle. Lower gas prices, environmental stewardship, and energy independence are all compelling reasons to switch to an electric vehicle for your next vehicle.

The top three advantages of energy vehicles or NEVs are listed below:

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Charging Electric Car - Brilliant Tutions

Reduce or even eliminate your fuel costs

Weekly trips to the gas station to fill up your car are costly, especially when the price of gasoline is constantly fluctuating. You can avoid paying for gasoline and being at the mercy of gas prices by opting for an electric vehicle. Electricity is not only less expensive than gasoline, but it also has a much more stable price point, which means that price swings are virtually eliminated when you go electric with NEVs.

Reduce car emissions to help the environment

Humans have had a long history of having a negative impact on the environment, and switching to an energy vehicle is one way to help the planet avoid further harm. Traditional vehicle emissions contribute to greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere, hastening climate change.

When you drive a NEV, no carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere, and these cars use their battery to greatly increase the distance you can travel with a gasoline-powered engine.

Energy vehicles can run on electricity generated from renewable sources like wind, hydropower, and solar, whereas gasoline can only be made through intensive extraction and transportation processes. These vehicles are also more environmentally friendly than conventional vehicles because the large battery inside your electric vehicle can be recycled.

Become energy self-sufficient

Having a traditional vehicle means being tethered to the gas pump – you can only fuel your car by purchasing gasoline. Energy vehicles are charged by connecting to the electric grid, and electricity is generated in a variety of ways.

Importantly, energy vehicles enable you to become energy independent by utilizing renewable energy sources such as a solar array to power your vehicle. You can become energy independent and produce free electricity from the sun to power your car instead of buying gas at the pump by combining a solar PV system with an electric vehicle.

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