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Benefits and Challenges of Online Learning

Updated: May 3, 2021

In recent years there has been a great upsurge in online education and learning because of the convenience it offers. Schools, Universities and other educational institutions have given access to education through technical means so that students- those who are physically in reach of the institute or even those who are far away can leverage the online learning method to get their desired degrees and their dream jobs. However, the spread of Covid-19 has made it extremely essential for students as well as institutes to migrate to online learning. Even though it has great benefits, there are also some challenges that hinder the smooth flow.

Online learning - Brillianttuitions

Benefits of online learning

  • The immense amount of convenience delivered by online learning, whether it is in terms of flexibility or access convenience remains the major benefit of online tuitions

  • Meaningful discussions and better response from students, even the ones who shy away from participating in the class.

  • Higher enrollment numbers due to its flexible reach to students as well as teachers.

  • No ferrying here and there in search of reliable teachers for a particular subject.

  • Online learning is a cost-effective method of acquiring knowledge when compared to physical learning.

  • Protection from contagious diseases like flu, allergy, Coronavirus etc.

  • Another basic benefit of online learning is that students cannot miss anything important. Even if they do, during the live session, they can go through the recording or pdfs that have a complete overview of the lecture.

  • Resource sharing is incredibly easy. Sources and data can be instantly conveyed to the students and vice-versa.

  • The Internet world is something that every student is aware of and knows how to operate. Which makes the processes of online learning even more susceptible for students.

  • Many independent online tuition websites like BrilliantTuitions have a promising batch of teachers who are enthusiastic, subject experts and genuine problem solvers. For this reason, online tuitions are beneficial when it comes to searching for the best teachers for a specific subject.

  • Online tuitions save a lot of capital and time, which goes wasted on travel that students need to abide by when pushing themselves to in-class tuitions.

Although online education provides a whole lot of campus of education, research and experiment at one place conveniently. It also at the same time poses some limitations which restrict the smooth flow towards a perfect online learning experience.

Challenges in online learning.

  • Proper Internet navigation technique and basic computer knowledge are necessary for online tuitions, those who are new to this medium might find it uncomfortable if they have never used the Internet or computer before. Specifically, students from a rural area or those below the poverty level.

  • Network issues can be a major hindrance in online learning as a fluctuating network can resist adequate delivery of information.

  • Teachers often face difficulty running sessions online because concentration which is expected from students can divert to unimportant things.

  • A proper teaching plan is essential for online learning- this is challenging because many techniques and strategies fail during their implementation due to network issues or less student-teacher participation and interaction.

  • Time management is a difficult aspect when it comes to online learning, due to daily commitments, it becomes difficult to take out time for online classes.

  • After enrolling on online tuitions many students lack motivation and skip lectures and develop the idea of giving up.

  • If the teaching method is not interactive or illustrative, whatever is being taught goes right above the head. Illustrations and interactive techniques is a basic amenity.

  • Many students fail to adapt to the online learning mode after a sudden shift from in-class learning as they are not able to adapt to the new learning environment.

These challenges are not much of an issue when e-learning websites are proactive and adopt methods that are suitable for a convenient online learning experience. One such website is BrilliantTutions where you get a quality education facility along with expert teachers for subjects like English, Mathematics, Science, and Hindi.

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