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5 Ways You Are Using Mathematics in Real Life | From The Leading Math Tutor in Dubai

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

math tutor Dubai. Brilliant Tutions
Leading Math Tutor Dubai I Brilliant Tutions

Generations of students have sat in mathematics classes, perplexed as to why they were being asked to solve an equation for X. It turns out that a lot of that algebra, calculus, geometry, and trigonometry are part of your daily life at home in ways you might not even realize.

As math tutor Dubai suggests that Math is used in a variety of ways in the home and beyond, from baking to art to travel. Personal and household finances are one of the more obvious applications. Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division are all common operations that are used in everything from balancing a checkbook to creating a monthly budget.

However, there are five other areas of daily life in which you may be using math and are unaware of it. Are you ready to know those areas? Scroll below to know more from the best math tutor Dubai.

  • Inside the kitchen

Yes, you do use Math in the kitchen as well! Shocking isn’t it? Cooking necessitates performing calculations of a recipe's proper measurements by determining the exact amount of each ingredient to add. When cooking for a large group, multiply the recipe portions by the number of people you want to serve, as the serving size should be proportional to the number of people. Math Tutor Dubai helps us to learn about weight, volume, temperature, time.

  • Shopping

This one is so obvious, you simply can’t ignore math's while you are out shopping. You walk into a clothing store and notice a '20 percent off’ sign. Math is required to calculate an item's after-sale price! Whether it's grocery store discounts, coupons, or calculating change at a supermarket, math will come in handy. Math Tutor Dubai helps us to learn about calculating discount, percentages, fractions, subtraction.

  • Making a Travel Budget & Schedule

Math's comes into play whenever you plan a trip. There are many apps that provide travel time in mapping or directions these days, but even when driving to the corner store, you are more likely to use your head math. It can help you plan and budget for your trips. For example, you can figure out your total costs by multiplying prices by the number of days you'll be in another country. So we need best Math Tutor Dubai helps to learn about converting currencies for example Indian Rupee INR to AED, INR to USA, etc. Also it is important to learn about AM & PM in time, else u shall miss your flight, which happens very often.

  • Banking

Yes of course! Banking is another major area where your math's skills are tested drastically, can you imagine going to the bank and not knowing what to do or how to manage your finances? This will devastate your life, and you will be bankrupt within hours. So we need best Math Tutor Dubai helps us to learn about calculating EMI, interest rate, etc.

  • Arts and crafts

When you create any kind of art, you are using math. Whether you're a sculptor, a painter, a dancer, or simply making a collage for fun, you'll need to be able to measure, count, and apply basic math to your work. Math skills are required for all forms of art.

So, the next time you're baking a cake, calling a friend, working on a home craft, or planning a trip, remember those math teachers you had in school. When you asked them if you'd ever need math when you grew up, it turns out they were correct.

Now you just read how important it is to master your math's skills. This is where you need world-class teachers from Brilliant tuitions, to study math's in a more fun way and improve your grades with the best math tutor Dubai by your side.

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