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How to raise successful children?

In a 2019 study published in Journal of Applied Psychology, researchers assessed the leadership potential of more than 1,500 teenagers: surveying peers, teachers, and parents to evaluate whether each individual was seen as a good leader. Determining which individuals actively participated in leadership roles. Measuring each individual’s level of self-esteem and confidence in taking on leadership roles.

And asking participants to agree or disagree with questions like “My parents often stepped in to solve life problems for me,” and “Growing up, my parents supervised my every move.”

You’ve already guessed the outcome: The researchers found that kids with overprotective parents were seen by other people to have less leadership potential and were less likely to actually be in leadership roles.

Statistically, people with overprotective parents tend to have lower self-esteem and are less likely to seek leadership roles.

Plus, people who are perceived as less confident and outgoing are also less likely to be chosen for leadership roles, even if they might have excelled in those roles.

These are helicopter parents: people who are overly attentive, overly protective, and tend to do things for their kids rather than expecting their kids to tackle appropriate tasks and situations on their own. As a result, those kids tend to develop fewer problem-solving skills — how can I learn to solve problems when I never get to try? — and it limits their sense of independence and autonomy.

Hence, if you want to see your child grow into a leader with all kinds of leadership skills, try giving them some space while giving them guidance whenever they need.

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